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Who We Are

We want you to feel like you’re traveling with an insider, everywhere you go, every time you travel. That's our main goal here at Vietnamlandtour.

From a desire of sharing information about various destinations in Vietnam with many people and developing Vietnam tourism, Vietnamlandtour was born to supply the demand of customers about tours and other related services. 

We understand the value of having a trusted resource you can rely on to help you find, research and book the world’s best travel experiences. We always try to be creative and attentive to getting the best deal for you, no matter where or when you are traveling, and no matter whether it is for an important business trip or a very needed vacation.

Besides, we put a strong focus on bringing long-term and sustainable development to the regions we promote by working closely with local providers and using local products.

Overall, our greatest satisfaction comes in serving large numbers of satisfied clients who have experienced the joys and inspiration of travel.

What we do

Vietnamlandtour provides all services you need in your journey.  We have a wide range of tours and travel services for a perfect trip including:

  • Explore tour, beach tour, family tour, day & short break,  luxury & honey moon, walking & trekking.
  • Hotels & resorts  reservation
  • Air ticket
  • Car for rent
  • Vietnam visa

We offer detailed and authentic information about destinations, restaurants and accommodation facilities. Vietnamlandtour works closely with trusted local hotel, restaurants and other services to makes it very simple for all travelers to find exactly what they want to do, and uncover things they didn’t even know they could do.

In addition, our staffs are expert listeners, and we need to understand who you are and what you and your members are interested in before we start planning a program.  We need to know their destination preferences; their expectations in terms of standard, price and inclusions; their need to be independent or fully scheduled; their desire for a high or milder level of activity, etc. After that, We use our expert knowledge and experiences to help you reduce costs and drive up quality and value. We commit to take care your whole trip and bring the great experience in new destination. 

Why Choose Us

  • Mỗi ngày đều có thêm ưu đãi mới - cho bất cứ ngân sách nào!

    Không tính phí đặt phòng • Tiết kiệm tiền! • Đảm Bảo Giá Tốt Nhất

  • Thay đổi đặt phòng của bạn, bất kỳ lúc nào

    Bạn có thể thay đổi, gửi yêu cầu hay hủy đặt phòng chỉ bằng vài cú nhấp chuột

  • Chúng tôi luôn sẵn lòng hỗ trợ 24/24

    Tìm giải đáp thắc mắc, quản lý đặt phòng và nhiều hơn trong Trang Hỗ trợ của chúng tôi

Meet Our Team


Hello! Traveling is my blood, my food, my air, my life. After almost 10 years as professional trip leader for a number international travel companies, I decided to work with my buddies to run the Vietnam Land Tour travel venture. Our intent is to bring exceptional customer service to those who visit Vietnam. “Vietnam is a country, not a war” – this quote inspired me and my team to bring Vietnam as close to the rest of world as possible, to introduce our Vietnam with warm hearted people, cultural diversity, old history and our unique lifestyle. Not forgetting our world-class hospitality!


Xin chao! My name is HA ANH, or Ruby for your convenience. I have been working in travel industry for over 10 years and been enjoying my job every single day! It all started from my passion to travel, meeting new friends, learning new things out of my own box, and I realized that helping people to explore my country, my region is even more exciting! I love to see my clients beautiful smiles, to hear their joyful laugh and their stories of traveling! I have a beautiful boy and a caring husband, who make my family a cosy nest! I believe in love and care, and I offer my love and care to every single clients I work with! Come and enjoy my Vietnam, my country!


Hi! My name is CHIEN. After leading trips throughout Vietnam for over 10 years, I decided to hang up my boots and join Vietnam Land Tour for this new role of Director of Sales. I am in charge of our wonderful team of travel consultants. I am passionate about my job and find it very rewarding. The best part is seeing our customers go home with great memories, knowing they appreciated all the effort we put into their special vacation.


My name is HUNG. I came into the tourism business with a so-called “destiny connection” and absolutely love it! I love to travel, to see other parts of my Vietnam, and Vietnam Land Tour gave me the opportunity to do more than I could ever have wished for. Now I am working in the Sales Department and giving travel advices to my valued clients, and that is the best part of my job! I am especially looking forward to giving YOU advice for your upcoming holidays in Vietnam! Please contact me! 


Hello! My name is DUNG. I am responsible for contracting hotels, resorts and transportation companies. I also research new destinations and itineraries for your Vietnam holidays. "Experience, Learn and Enjoy" is our company motto, and that is what I sincerely hope you achieve by using our travel service! I am looking forward to you planning an awesome vacation with Vietnam Land Tour!” 


My name is LOAN DAO. I have been with the Vietnam Land Tour Team for over two years now. My job is to ensure all the tour bookings running smoothly. I am so happy to be working in a team of travel-loving individuals selling some of the best destinations in the world.  


Xin Chao! I am HANG from Vietnam Land Tour. I am very proud to be a member of this young energetic team. I do web-marketing in our company. This is my first job and I am enjoying it a lot. When I have free time, I like traveling, meeting new people and learning about different cultures. I would love to be your friend on Facebook! 


Xin Chao, I am a happy “woman of numbers”. Yes, my job is to make sure the figures in our balance sheets are correct and in their right places. I am so lucky to be a member of the Vietnam Land Tour Team. I love the dynamic and friendly atmosphere here. It is like a big happy family, where family members love to help each others. 



Hello, I was fortunate to enter the Tourism business in late 1990s from a professional background with a demanding travel market. I am now a national tour guide for Vietnam Land Tour and found this to be my true calling! No matter what kind of adventure you would like, my Vietnam is ideal for a different kind of vacation offering a combination of travel, leisure, adventure, discovery and lots of new things to learn. Come explore with me and have an amazing holiday of a lifetime!

Our Story

Vietnamlandtour is a leading company in providing land tour in Vietnam with various tours that suitable for different customers’ demand. 

Vietnamlandtour was established in 2010 with enthusiastic, knowledgeable staffs and it is the destination management company, services tour operators and travel agents worldwide. We quickly expand many agencies in 68 cities in Vietnam so we have a large network to provide all tours in any places in Vietnam and facilitate the highest level of service.

We offer many kinds of tours as tailor-made individual tours, tailor-made group tours, guaranteed departure tours, incentive trips, and soft adventure. VietnamLandTour is the most professional and advanced tour packaging service provider.

Vietnamlandtour understands exactly what customers want and need from us so our services meet your expectation. We always research and find new trends in tourism as well as build the complete and unique tours to serve your special requirements.

Moreover, our staffs are hardworking, experienced, creative, passionate, reliable and hospitable in order to make you have unforgettable memories in your trip. When you come with us, you will experience more about new destinations and the best quality services.  We always try to build the trust and reputation with the customers and satisfy them.

Vietnamlandtour has a great ambition to become the top company providing land tour in Vietnam so we constantly endeavor to achieve our target. 

Giới thiệu

cập nhật............


Small Group Size      : A small group is comprised of no more than 10 individual travelers.

Medium Group Size  : A medium group is comprised of 10 to 20 individual travelers.

Large Group Size      : A large group is comprised of 20 or more individual travelers.

Benefits of Joining A Group?

Cost Effective : It is cheaper to travel in larger numbers, not to mention the safety benefits that come with travelling to new destinations in a group. You have a better chance of getting discounts than you would as a lone ranger.

Personal Attention of Guide : Smaller groups allow for more time at each site and greater personal attention from your tour guide.

Questions and Answers : At Landtours we enjoy our time of “KASA” – a period in the day where the group gets a chance to relive their days adventure and share opinions as a collective group.

Lasting Friendships : You will never feeling like a part of the crowd with Landtours. Our tours are created to promote camaraderie and relationship building. The adventures we provide often result in lasting friendships.

Landtours Group Leader Freebies

Who said you can’t travel for free? With our Landtours Group Leader Freebie you can enjoy your well earned vacation for free.

Land Package:

For every 20 paid persons: You will receive a complimentary land package based on half double occupancy for the duration of the tour.

For every 20 paid rooms: You will receive a complimentary land package, which includes a complimentary single room for the duration of the tour. 

**NB: Please note that this offer does not include meals. Other terms and conditions apply.
Airline Package:
Reduced Airfares : If you encourage your group (of 20 or more passengers) to use Delta Airlines, our preferred choice in air travel (offering non-stop flights from JFK and Dulles International Airports to Accra, Ghana), your group will qualify for special group reduced fares. 

Group Starter Pack

If you are interested in receiving our Group Starter Pack, please contact us.

Media Center

With the aim at giving you more information of media center of Vietnamlandtour, we provide some useful media addresses to help you contact and keep connection with us constantly.

First of all, please refer to our Facebook to keep updated our latest information and tours offered to you as well as shared experience from others:

Our Facebook address: https://www.facebook.com/VietnamLandTour/


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